10 St. Patrick’s Day BBQ hosting tips

St. Patrick’s day is soon approaching.  Many people will be celebrating outside since the weather in all parts of the county has been unseasonable warm and beautiful.  Below are a 10 tips to help with your St. Patty’s day BBQ party:


  • Prepare by making a guest list  – not only will this obviously help you in knowing how much supplies and food you will need to get, but it will also help you take into consideration any special dietary needs to make sure no one feels left out.
  • Clean and check your grill – you want to make sure that your grill is working how it should.  Make sure that you check your grilling supplies and that all is in working condition.  You also want to make sure that the grill is clean during for your party so that your food not only tastes great, but your guest see a really nice looking grill.
  • Get your prep done before the party – you will want to save yourself time on the day of your St. Patty’s day bbq by prepping as much of the food that you can ahead of time.  This will help you be able to not wait until the last minute and ease stress of rushing the day of your party. If you are using any type of marinades on your meat this is also the best way to enable the rubs and marinades to have enough time to absorb into the meat you will be using.
  • Choose functional but fun decor – if you choose decorations that are iconic and also functional it will help keep costs down.  For example you could string up some green and gold lanterns in your backyard which would contribute to the overall St. Patty’s day feel of your BBQ party.  After it gets dark outside, the lanterns will serve is a source of light allowing your party to continue on well into the evening.  You could even go DIY and create some of your own table weights and make them out of rocks spray painted like gold placed in a bucket to replicate a pot of gold.
  • Dress up  – don’t forget to wear your green or you may be pinched!  You could also ask your friends and family who are attending your party to dress up in their most creative St. Patty’s day costume or outfits and choose a winner during the party.
  • Serve traditional food – there is no question on serving traditional St. Patrick’s day food at your bbq party.  Make sure you have some green beer or Guinness to serve to your guests.  Since you are BBQ’ing there may be a little predicament with some of the traditional Irish foods since they are mainly boiled or stewed.  Why not try giving these foods a bit of a twist by grilling them first.
  • Keep pesky bugs away – with summer approaching the heat tends to bring out the bugs.  Mosquitoes –  especially if you have a pool –  will be pests of a BBQ party.  Adding some sage on the top rack indirect of the heat will help prevent bugs and also give your meat some flavor.
  • Provide Alternatives – you may have some guests who do not drink alcohol or there may be children at the party with allergies or people who are vegetarian.  Make sure that you have food and drinks that are appropriate for all ages and guests you invited.  You want your guests to feel that you went out of your way to include and take care of their needs.
  • Prepare some cute favors – there are a ton of DIY and adorable party favors for St. Patrick’s day that you can easily make for cheap that will give your guests a nice thank you for attending your BBQ.  You don’t have to make this anything expensive or super fancy but it will leave your guest feeling appreciated.
  • Enjoy the party – this tip seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people actually are so busy hosting that they don’t get time to talk with all of their guests.  Make sure you take breaks from hosting your BBQ party and actually are able to allow your guests to enjoy your company.