About Us

About Us

Our founder, Jay Olson, built his first towable grill in 2008 when he needed a better way to bring and cook food on his large family camping trips. After he didn’t see the type of good-quality, non-rusting grills that he could take on the road, he decided, instead of waiting for someone else to catch up and build something that wasn’t quite what he wanted, to do it right and build something his family could be proud of.

After months of drawing designs on paper and shaping and welding stainless steel at his workplace after hours, he had his first family towable grill. Soon after that, he had his first order! Unfortunately, with the market crash, his new dream of building and selling quality stainless steel trailers had to be put on hold until 2016 when he was finally able to hire employees and develop a modular design to keep costs down for customers.

The 101 became the company’s first base towable grill model with a massive 8-burner propane grill and over 8 square feet of cooking surface.  Expanding on the 101, the 202 model was born with the same 8-burner grill side-saddled with an enormous 240 liter (55 gallon) professional cooler designed to be removable for taking your drinks into the brush.  Our next challenge is working on additional modules to arrange however you’d like in our more customizable 303 model. This model includes room for 3 full-size modules, so you could have an 8-burner grill, 240 liter cooler, and enough room left over for 17 cubic feet of dry storage!  At 55 Grills, our goals were born from our passions.  We know nothing but high quality.  Quality, affordability, functionality, and convenience are what you can expect from 55 Grills.


Trailer grills are our singular focus and our passion.


We are long time metal fabricators and welding industry professionals. When preparing for a customer appreciation lunch, we realized that there was a substantial void in the outdoor grilling market.

There are countless towable smokers available, and there is no denying that a brisket that’s been seasoned and smoking for 14 hours is beyond delicious. However, there are times when you don’t have the time to wait half a day or longer for your food to cook and you need to be able to pull up to your tailgating event or campsite and start grilling. That’s where the concept for 55 Grills was born.

How many of us have tailgated, camped or gone hunting and had to cook on a tiny, rickety, grill? Most of these “portable grills” can cook two hamburgers at a time and are used a foot off the ground. They’re so small that they are almost disposable! What about campers that pull into the site, ready for the big family reunion, and find themselves staring at a couple of filthy, dirty, rusted-out hibachis? And of course, haven’t we all had to deal with schlepping our backyard grill to the park?


With a 55 Grills trailer grill, you pull up, park, and cook.


It doesn’t get any easier. We have three models for you to choose from, with highly customizable and brandable appearances.