Towable Trailer Grills hit the Barrett-Jackson floor!

55 Grills, manufacturer of towable trailer grills, has had the privilege to be a vendor at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction! This event is unlike any other event we have participated in and we would like to publically thank everyone, especially Brenna Banks, who has worked with and assisted us to ensure that this event ran smoothly. Barrett-Jackson does not end until January 22nd so if you have not already been to this event, now is your time to do so! Trust us, you do not want to miss out on the amazing cars, trucks, and vendors. Don’t believe us? Take a look at several pictures we have taken from the event.

  • Our Booth

55 Grills has a great location that is right outside where all of the auction action is taking place!

  • The Trucks

You could easily haul one of our towable trailer grills with this beauty! This is just one of many trucks that can be seen on the Barrett-Jackson floor. If vintage vehicles are more your style, check out the picture below!

  • Old School Classics

Old is in! We love all of the new vehicles but it’s almost impossible to beat some of the classics like this stunning dodge that drove past our booth; we weren’t kidding when we said we are right by the action. Can we take bets on if this truck could haul one of our grills?

  • The Cars

Can towable trailer grills go on the back of cars that look like this? Barrett-Jackson has so many beautiful cars; we think they would look even better with a hitch and a grill though!

  • Special Events

Barrett-Jackson has something for everyone! Last weekend there was a polo tournament and there also has been opportunities to ride with professional stunt drivers throughout the week.

  • To Sum it Up… 

Barrett-Jackson has it all! The auctioneers are amazing, the vehicles being auctioned off are stunning, there is a great selection of vendors, and there’s plenty of special events to keep you entertained throughout the day. What are you waiting for? Get on out here to Barrett-Jackson before the event ends on Sunday.