Some of the many personal uses for our tow grills

Hunting –

When you go hunting with a group of your buddies you always need a good outdoor cooking system.  Our BBQ trailers enable all that and more.  The 60 gallon cooler on our 202 enables you to keep meat and drinks cold for over 7 days which is critical in some of the longer hunting trips.  Our BBQ trailer is durable for any tow conditions and will keep you and your boys happily fed for the duration of your hunting outings.


Football –

Take your tow grill to your college or NFL tailgating parties.  We can customize your grill to your favorite college or NFL team to create a huge impression on all football game crowds.  Your customized tow grill will be the talk and focus of the tailgate party every time.  The benefits of our grills at tailgates are endless.  You can cook for a crowd of your best friends and family in a matter of minutes.  You can fully stock your cooler with cold beverages and more meat to fire up the grill at any second.


Camping/Fishing –

Camping is usually done in large groups either with family/friends or both.  There is no better way than to throw our BBQ trailer on your truck or car hitch and cook food for everyone on your camping trips quickly and efficiently.  As with hunting, camping usually requires good food and drink storage which is all made possible with our product.

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