Some of the many business uses for our tow grills

Employee appreciation & client appreciation –

It is no surprise that as a business owner making sure you do frequent employee appreciation events is a critical part of success in keeping loyal employees and clients.  Our tow grills make frequent employee appreciation and client appreciation events possible and cost and time efficient.  You can grill up massive amounts of food in no time with our 120,000 BTU powered grills.  The usage you will get out of our grills for these events alone are priceless.


Marketing –

Our towable grills also double as a powerful marketing tool for your business.  You can customize your grill to include your company colors, logo, website, phone number, you name it the customization of design is endless.  Anytime you tow your grill around town or loan out to a friend or employee for good work performance – your grill will serve as an eye catching marketing tool.